Ethical Decision-Making in Business Management: Insights from Social Science Research


  • Muhammad Imran Qureshi Institute of Management Sciences (IMS),


Stakeholder relationships, Ethical leadership, Organizational culture, Ethics, Social science research, Business management, Ethical decision-making


Ethical decision-making in business management is a critical aspect of organizational success and societal well-being. This article synthesizes insights from social science research to provide a comprehensive understanding of the factors influencing ethical decision-making in business contexts. Drawing on theories and empirical evidence from psychology, sociology, and management studies, this article examines the role of individual, organizational, and societal factors in shaping ethical judgments and behaviors. It also explores the impact of ethical leadership, organizational culture, and stakeholder relationships on promoting ethical conduct within organizations. Additionally, this article discusses practical implications for business leaders and policymakers to foster ethical decision-making and cultivate a culture of integrity in business management.




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